welcome to CCB

CCB is a company builder that partners with talented entrepreneurs to conceive, launch, and scale new cannabis businesses. We are constantly exploring and validating new cannabis business concepts.


We Help Build & Grow
Cannabis Companies

We surround the startup with world-class expertise in every discipline required to build a market-leading company. We compress the amount of time it takes to move from an idea to a global business. Our dedicated team helps the entrepreneurs in a variety of areas, such as legal assistance, licenses brand and design, product and engineering, talent and HR, sales and marketing, and finance.

We Are Our Companies

We are an expert Business, Legal, Finance & Marketing Team

We are market partners

Whether you are an existing business or in the start-up phase, we offer integral support to successfully navigate the fast-paced cannabis industry.

We are structure builders

We provide legal licensing structures and international trade implementations, allowing our companies to effectively reduce the industry's bureaucratic barriers.

We are your network tool

By creating a powerful network effect between our portfolio companies and investors, we generate international synergies that allow our companies to reach their true potential.


Join Us to Scale Your Business in LATAM

Through long-term agreements CCB promotes synergies between its portfolio companies, adding value and consultancy, promoting projects related to the Cannabis and life sciences industry in all its verticals and at all stages.

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