Frequently Asked Questions


Get answers to your most important questions

Get answers to your most important questions

We select startups within every vertical of the industry, including production, research & development, brands and products, infrastructure, I.T., and services.

Our main core is that we don’t charge entrepreneurs any fees in exchange for the services we provide them, because we understand that they ultimately need their capital to develop their businesses. We partner with companies in exchange for equity. Our commitment is what we call sweat equity, which makes us work hard and feel part of each company we work for.

Yes, we sign confidentiality agreements. For your ease of mind, at Cannabis Company Builder we are in the business of helping entrepreneurs, projects and companies that want to grow their business in the industry, so part of our commitment is to protect the ideas you share with us

We want to see a brief presentation plan that shows the basics of your idea (Pitch/Deck), your founding team, and your vision for the next few years. Show us why and how you can turn this idea into a multi-million dollar business. Team – Traction – Vision – Product/Service.

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